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Michelin Tyres

Family is something for which you’ll be willing to do anything. You love and care a lot about them, and you cherish this bond like no other. There is one more thing that is as close to a person as their family. That is their car. It is a luxury they purchase after years of hard work; therefore, they have that extra love for it. We, at XPRESS TYRES LTD., have some of the most skilled technicians in Manchester, who are willing to take care of your car for you. Give us an opportunity to do so, and we promise to deliver nothing but excellent results.

Michelin Tyres Manchester

Michelin is a tyre manufacturing company based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, which has been known to take care of your cars as well. They have a huge number of research and development facilities, where they extensively research designing new and better tyres. They know precisely how much your car and the people who travel in it matter to you and, therefore, have taken on the job of making sure that they are safe. They have been manufacturing excellent tyres for all types of vehicles, from cars and motorbikes to mining vehicles and aircraft. We, at XPRESS TYRES LTD., admire their ideas and concern for their customers, have acquired this value from them, and offer only the best products to our customers.

Prioritising Customers and Employees

The company focuses on improving not only its tyres but also the experience for its customers and employees. Michelin is known to prioritise its customers above anything else while also working to improve the involvement of its employees in decision-making. The customer relations department ensures that customers are satisfied and happy with the company and its products. The company's employees have expertise in their jobs, be it tyre designing, manufacturing or customer relations. Michelin makes sure that it excels in every aspect and maintains its position in the top 5 tyre manufacturers on the world list.


We make sure to achieve customer satisfaction as well. We have trained our technicians extensively, to make sure that they are well-versed and experts at their jobs. They are now proficient and efficient at their work and have been known to deliver only quality services to our customers. We are one of the best garages in Manchester and are proud to have always met our customers' expectations.

What we have to offer

We are also proud to have tyres manufactured by experts at Michelin for our customers. You can get a new set of the latest Michelin tyres Manchester for your car at our garage and enhance your vehicle's performance. We also have experts who can assist you in the decision-making of something so important, and we guarantee that you'll be offered only the best solutions from them.

You can visit us and avail of our other services like car diagnostics, services and repairs as well. We price our services keeping in mind that we want to offer the best deals to our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we promise to gain your trust with the quality of our services.

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