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Bridgestone Tyres

We, at XPRESS TYRES LTD, serve as retailers of Bridgestone tyres. We, keeping in tune with our commitment to quality and excellence, offer Bridgestone tyres Manchester. We believe in their quality and reliability, attributes we recognised after careful consideration and methodical observation. So for great deals and reasonable prices on the purchase of vehicle tyres, visit XPRESS TYRES LTD.

Some of the reasons that enable us to sell Bridgestone tyres without reservations are their pedigree, quality standards and a long history of association with motorsports.

Started in 1931 in Japan, Bridgestone today is one of the most well-known and relied upon tyre brands. The company started life as a maker of motorcycle tyres, but later blossomed and started manufacturing tyres for four-wheelers as well. The transition towards manufacturing tyres for four-wheelers made the company a hit in the market and cemented its image as an important part of the automotive industry. Such has been their success that they now control and run another very successful tyre brand, Firestone.

Why opt for Bridgestone tyres?

Bridgestone, for a long time, has been associated with quality products. Such is their dependability that their tyres are one of the most preferred by Formula One race-car drivers. They are also preferred over others by Formula 2 and Formula 3 race-car drivers.

Bridgestone has close associations with many prominent and successful names in the motoring world. Legends like Valentino Rossi are a part of the Bridgestone family and serve as advisors to the research and development teams.

Imagine the stress that tyres on a Boeing 747 have to bear. Imagine the expertise of the company that manufactures tyres for Boeing as well as Airbus. A company good enough for these behemoths is undoubtedly going to be good enough for road-going cars. Bridgestone, as the provider of tyres to such aircraft manufacturers, should perform fabulously on normal roads. Keeping in mind all these accomplishments, our experts at XPRESS TYRES LTD. recommend their use.

We also provide tyre fittings to keep quality consistent and problems at bay. Our expert mechanics are highly trained and motivated; they provide excellent work quality combined with ethical pricing. We are one of the most popular and trusted providers of Bridgestone tyres Manchester, and all our policies and actions reflect the same. So, for quality work on tyre fittings along with a pleasant experience, visit XPRESS TYRES LTD.

We are located at Unit 4, Church Street, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2PY.

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